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Hi All! I'm excited to be publishing another piece with Immanence Journal!  I wrote in May on the Golden State Warriors' pursuit of history ("Golden State of Mind," May 13) , and have now followed this up with a piece that's part basketball, part Donald Trump, and takes a look at the dicey choices we find ourselves between right now in America. Enjoy the excerpt below and catch the rest at Immanence Journal

The Evil Empire v. the King

A month ago, in stunning fashion, the hopes of our great Western metropolis were dashed. Bastion of liberalism, diversity and tolerance, the Bay Area’s plucky and seemingly unbeatable basketball team, the Golden State Warriors, was vanquished short of their goal. Compounding the humiliation was the hands at whom it came: the swinging door of a state, Ohio, its city Cleveland, site of the Republican National Convention, and its villainous King, LeBron James. The shocking turn of events vindicated LeBron, whose postseason record, at 2-4, had been called into question, and reaffirmed the narrative of a supremely talented alpha male triumphing over a band of lesser challengers. Further bolstering James’ credentials is the narrative of redemption. After abandoning his hometown Cavaliers (James was raised in Akron, OH) to pursue championships with the Miami Heat, LeBron returned to Cleveland and succeeded in bringing home the first major sports championship in half a century. Like a J.R.R. Tolkein motif, America was left with the Return of the King.

But what is the price of kingship? Further developments in the past month have muddied the waters for a nation increasingly on the brink. Donald Trump secured the Republican Presidential nomination and carried out a convention in the same Quicken Loans Center that LeBron turned into the Warriors' worst nightmare. And if anyone is the ultimate shadow of presumptive megalomania and aspiring kingship, it’s the Donald. His leadership style evokes mafia-style dominance, his brazen proclamations that veer from truth matched only by the quivering of his cowed subordinates. And yet now he stands poised for power. A state that twice supported Bush before twice supporting Obama has been restored to extreme national significance. Suddenly, the Quicken Loans Center in Cleveland has become the center of American life in so many ways.

The resistance to such an ill fate is murky. For a full consideration of the matter, read the rest of the saga here.

The Evil Empire vs. the King: Published July 22, 2016 | Immanence Journal