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Thank you for visiting! My name is Gabe Crane, and this page is home to my work as a writer, performer, and public voice. It contains links and updates to my published works as well as developing projects. For inquiries, bookings, and/or proposals, please contact me directly, either via the contact form here, or at

Recent Updates

9/1/16: Harnessing the Placebo Effect

I'm excited to announce the publication of my first academic article, "Harnessing the Placebo Effect: A New Model for Mind-Body Healing Mechanisms." Published in the current issue (35[1]) of the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, this article explores our culture's relationship to the placebo effect, and how that influences our outlook on mind-body healing mechanisms. It combines participatory transpersonal theories with current biomedical research to argue that a new theoretical model is needed to advance the art and science of modern medicine.

This article also received a wonderful response paper from Dr. James Giordano, Chief Scientist in the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research at Georgetown University, and Senior Science Advisory Fellow of the Strategic Multilayer Assessment Group of the Joint Staff of the Pentagon. The paper is entitled "Considerations and Caveats for the Use of Placebo Responses in Clinical Care: Minding the Matter of Mechanisms–and Morality– in Medical Treatment," and is also published in IJTS, same issue.


8/28/16: Travels in the Doojhoöplex

I'm grateful to have completed the manuscript for a novel, Travels in the Doojhoöplex, and am seeking out publishing houses and/or literary representation! Please contact me if you are interested or have a lead! 

The novel is a coming of age, adventure story that explores the line between creative insight and mental illness in contemporary Western culture. It follows a young American man, Kanji Reason, haunted by apocalyptic visions on an ill-conceived trip through Southeast Asia. Having experimented with psychedelics and fallen of an “End of the World” hoax, he now increasingly feels that his messianic impulses are sure signs of mental illness. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, Kanji links up with an old high school friend to launch an import/export business. As the half-cooked scheme founders, he becomes increasingly concerned for his psychological well-being, and soon finds himself alone and disillusioned on the streets of Thailand. A series of unusual encounters brings him to a New Age intentional community in the countryside, where a young woman, Peregrine Cairn, takes an interest in his between-worlds charm and promises to put him on a healthy, more fulfilling path. This holistic approach helps Kanji, but his story still remains haunted by the irreverent diatribes of Frank, a wild and imaginary coyote who personifies Kanji’s mental illness as well as his creativity and ultimately holds a key for Kanji’s healing. The test of this healing is a re-descent into the shadowy underworld of the psychedelic trance, this time carried out in the mythic dimensions of an unfathomable Bangkok club, the Doojhoöplex. Here, the culmination of Kanji’s experience is pulled apart and reconstituted in a psychedelic deux ex machina that both satisfies and surprises. 

For a query and sample of the novel, please contact me at


About Gabe Crane

I am a San Francisco Bay Area-based writer who got his start in the Brave New Voices youth poetry slam movement, competing in national youth slams, publishing a chapbook and producing plays at a young age. I studied Creative Writing at the University of Pennsylvania as part of the Kelly Writers House community, where I received several writing awards and fellowships, including one to live-blog as I paddled a canoe down the Mississippi River. I've gone on to receive commissions and publish with the Berkeley Repertory School of Theater, San Francisco Chronicle, The Huffington Post, Next Cityand Tikkun Magazineamong others. Most recently, I have been featured in Immanence Journal and the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies

As an artist, writer and performer, I have always been drawn to the power language has to bridge gaps of understanding between people and give voice to inner and hidden aspects of our experience in the world. As my work in psychology, spirituality, energy arts and rites of passage has grown, it has been particularly rewarding to bring these themes forward to a wider audience through the written word. In this capacity, I find myself constantly asking how it is possible to speak to and from the ineffable, to praise and name an unnameable mystery. With now more than 15 years of experience as a writer and performer, I continue to be inspired by words while also cultivating an appreciation for their limitations. Some things, after all, defy explanation.