My private clients come to me looking for support on a wide variety of personal and interpersonal issues. My practice adapts to suit them, and together, using simple yet powerful techniques, we learn to heal, imagine, create, and grow.

I serve as that reflection and support that allows you to evolve and fully take flight, to examine and resolve long-standing challenges, to get into and onto your true journey.

Together, we uncover authenticity and weave ourselves back into the mystery and magic of Life.


Maybe you have felt a calling.

Maybe you have felt a calling, deep within. And it unsettles you. You are being beckoned into a deep world of body and soul that is as exhilarating as it is terrifying. 

Or maybe, you feel lost.

Maybe you feel lost and confused, dissatisfied with your life, or find yourself stuck in painful patterns of addiction, trauma, or abuse. You know there are ways in which you want to grow, but you feel trapped and don't know where else to turn.

Maybe you are ready to take the next step.

Maybe you feel it is time for the pain to end, and for a next step or a calling to emerge in your life. You know deep down it is time, but you need the tools and support to help make real transformation possible.

If so, I'm glad you have found my work, and I sincerely hope it can be helpful to you in your journey of transformation, healing, and growth. May this moment mark the beginning of a positive step in your life!

My clients often come to me reporting any of the following conditions:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • feeling stuck
  • alienation and disconnection
  • social and/or internal confusion
  • dealing with life transitions
  • trauma (acute or developmental)
  • addiction (substance- or process-based)

My clients often find me at a "tipping point" in their life, approaching or on the precipice of change. They may also be seeking to address issues that they have determined cannot continue if they wish to live the life they truly want. They may be wrestling with past pains, addictions and traumas, and need help to transform negative habits and patterns. 

What I do

I help clients get back on their soul's journey. As a qi-based counselor, mentor, and guide, I help my clients engage their deeper callings, or soul's work, in order to cross the threshold into the lives they were meant to lead. Clients who work with me report feeling:

  • physically healthier
  • access to subtle energy and different energetic states
  • more in touch with their intuition and inner feelings
  • a deeper sense of purpose and connection
  • more clarity about what is most important to them
  • a greater sense of self-respect, compassion, and self-love
  • increased capacity to make important changes in their lives

I bring a unique background that combines alternative and traditional techniques to affect positive change. Depending on the client, I draw on my background in Qigong, East-West psychology, rites of passage and wilderness guiding, and indigenous and world spiritualities to create a plan that addresses key patterns and the roots of challenging issues. In a warm and heart-centered space, I serve as a gatekeeper for my clients’ transformation, helping them to identify the inner work that must be done and the thresholds that must be crossed so they can move forward with their lives.

My Background

I deeply believe that through an integration of psychology and embodied spirituality, we can rehabilitate our relationship with the mystery at the center of our being, and in doing so rediscover what really matters in life. By tapping into this deep well of insight, love, and understanding, we can bring ourselves back into the stream of the life worth living, and move forward in a new way with a deep sense of connection and purpose.

My own initiation onto my soul's journey came when I was 16, in the support of an initiatory container. This launched me on my own journey of helping others, and since 2005, I have accumulated over a decade of experience in teaching and facilitating deep transformation. I have worked as a wilderness and rites of passage guide, leading groups for several weeks at a time deep into the bush, as well as facilitating a range of rites of passage rituals and ceremonies for both groups and individuals. I am also rooted in shamanic and nature-based cosmologies, having worked for a transformational healing center in Peru. Finally, as a Qigong teacher and Yuan Ming Medicine Therapist, I have taught, coached, and provided Qi-based healing for several years within the container of Ren Xue, a modern Qigong-based system aimed at holistic life development.

Ren Xue draws upon ancient Eastern philosophy and wisdom traditions in crafting a holistic approach to life that deepens health and well-being and helps transform unhealthy patterns. I blend this approach with my background in soul-based work, rites of passage, eco-psychology, and kabbalah and mysticism to support clients in their processes of emergence. In drawing on my unique combination of background and experiences, and through transparency in my own authentic process, I work to empower my clients to create the change, depth, and growth they wish to see. 

In addition to this background, I am currently a master's student (c'17) in the East-West Psychology department at the California Institute of Integral Studies. There, my training and interests include trauma and addiction treatment, eco- and body-based therapies, and entheogenic therapies and integration. In addition to my studies and work with Woven Wings, I am a Group Leader for Stepping Stones Project, where I mentor and facilitate rites of passage experiences for adolescent boys.

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