Do you want to genuinely uplift and positively develop your life?

Here you will find uniquely effective tools for helping you get to the roots of your challenges and to uncover a sustainable pathway for change, self-acceptance, and growth.


Maybe you have felt a calling.

Maybe you have felt a calling, deep within. And it unsettles you. You are being beckoned into a deep world of body and soul that is as exhilarating as it is terrifying. 

Or maybe, you feel lost.

Maybe you feel lost and confused, dissatisfied with your life, or find yourself stuck in painful patterns of addiction, trauma, or self-hate. You know there are ways in which you want to grow, but you feel trapped and don't know what to do.

Maybe you are ready to take the next step.

Maybe you feel it is time for the pain to end, and for a next step or a calling to emerge in your life. You know deep down it is time, but you need the tools and support to help make real transformation possible.

If so, I'm glad you have found my work, and I trust fully that it can be helpful to you in your journey of transformation, healing, and growth. May this moment mark the beginning of a positive step in your life!

What I do

I help clients get back on their soul's journey. As a Qi-based counselor, I help my clients engage their deeper callings, or soul's work, in order to cross the threshold into the lives they were meant to lead. 

My private counseling practice, based in Oakland as well as online, helps clients around a range of issues, including: 

  • sex and relationship work
  • identity issues and diverse forms of "coming out" 
  • discovering genuine purpose and authenticity
  • energy (Qi) imbalances and chronic fatigue
  • feeling "stuck" and life transitions
  • depression and anxiety
  • isolation, alienation, disconnection and shame
  • trauma and addictive cycles
  • spiritual emergence
  • holistic and soulful living

Clients who work with me report feeling:

  • physically healthier
  • access to subtle energy and different energetic states
  • more in touch with their intuition and inner feelings
  • a deeper sense of purpose and connection
  • more clarity about what is most important to them
  • a greater sense of self-respect, compassion, and self-love
  • increased capacity to make important changes in their lives

Helping others is my genuine passion and gives me so much warmth and gratitude for the work that I do. So please give yourself as well as me a gift by getting in touch to work together.

My Background

Through an integration of psychological, relational, and embodied inquiry, we can rehabilitate our relationship with the mystery at the center of our being, and in doing so awaken our self-acceptance and rediscover what really matters in life. By tapping into this deep well of insight, love, and understanding, we can bring ourselves back into the stream of the life worth living, and move forward in a new way with a deep sense of connection and purpose.

My own initiation onto my soul's journey came when I was 16, in the support of an initiatory container in the wilderness. This launched me on my own journey of helping others, and since 2005, I have accumulated over a decade of experience in teaching and facilitating deep transformation. I hold an master's degree in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and have received training in a diverse healing methodologies, including Hakomi and ProcessWork. I am a Ren Xue practitioner and therapist, having taught Qigong classes for a number of years and provided energy healing services to many. Finally, my diverse, hands-on experiences with spiritual and shamanic traditions from around the world gives me an authentic and rooted place of personal experience from which I offer my services. 

I work from a genuine and open place that recognizes my own growth process alongside your own. I never see myself as above or better than you, even as I am clear in the tools and gifts I have to share. I bring my real experience into the room, and see this work as people helping people. This is the real essence of life, and this type of healing always comes back around. There is nothing better than being part of the great chain of growing, learning, and discovery that as human beings we get to be. 

Take the next step and reach out today.