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Field School: An Introduction to Qifields

Saturday, May 6, 1:00-4:30pm

Berkeley Yoga Center, 1250 Addison St (at Bonar), Berkeley, CA, upstairs in Studio 209

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45.00 65.00
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From the perspective of Qi, everything in our lives takes place within what we call the Qifield. The Qifield is a subtle field that permeates every aspect of our existence. The Qifield is comprised of both our consciousness (Shen) and Qi, or subtle energy, and is constantly changing and influencing how we experience ourselves and the whole of life. 

                                                                                                          art by Amanda Sage

                                                                                                          art by Amanda Sage

In this workshop, we will begin to learn the profound art of working with these subtle phenomena. Each of us have individual Qifields; and, there are Qifields of particular locations, groups, relationships and processes. In short, everything in the universe has a Qifield, and learning to work with them can have powerful impacts on our health, creativity, well-being, and enjoyment of life.

Grounded in the teachings of Ren Xue, we will learn about Qi and Qifields as taught by traditional Daoist Qigong master Yuan Tze. And, we will also explore scientific, somatic, and psychological perspectives that approach this phenomenon in different ways. Through embodied and meditational practices, students will gain the ability to:

  • sense the nature of their own Qifield and the Qifields around them
  • learn powerful traditional techniques for positive Qifield manipulation, including how to connect with and gather Qi, change the quality of Qi, and embed positive informational patterns into subtle energy
  • gain awareness of traditional perspectives on Qi and its relationship to both Shen (consciousness) and Xin (awakened heart)
  • understand modern research and theories into Qifields and related phenomena
  • practice foundational Qigong methods that can enhance energy and health and help to develop sensitivity to subtle realms

While only an introduction, students will gain powerful tools to carry forward into their lives, as well as an improved capacity to confidently explore and positively influence Qifields on their own. The workshop provides a combination of embodied learning, multimedia presentation, and opportunities to practice, and additional learning with the instructor is available via private consultation.

Details: Workshop will take place at the Berkeley Yoga Center, 2215 Addison St at Bonar St in Berkeley, on the 2nd floor in Studio 209. Early Bird Discount until Wednesday, April 26: only $45; after April 26, $65. Payment options and sliding scale available with demonstrated need. Drop-ins welcome with prior communication. Email the instructor at Gabriel.crane@gmail.com, or submit your inquiry here.


"Gabe is a calm, guiding presence. I learned a lot, especially when he pointed out to lead movements from certain parts, like the hip, or the elbow when otherwise I would not have known to. At the end he helps you bathe in your own energy. As a dancer I recommend his class to explore more aspects of fluid movement. In this case, slower is better." - M.W.
"Gabe's experience and skill comes through clearly in his words and the way he moves through the practice.  He creates a space for everyone to land, and seems to intuitively know when to offer new information and when to allow for integration and assimilation.  I come away from his classes feeling as though I've discovered something for myself through direct experience, in way completely appropriate and unique to my needs." - K.M.
"If you want a way to get in touch with your power, try Qigong." - H.B.
"After participating in the 3-week Connecting Through Qigong series I feel that I have more tools for grounding and sustaining a feeling of aliveness in my body and mind. Gabe's teaching and gentle guidance through warming-up and into forms helped me feel more aware of my internal and external states, allowing energy to flow more freely within me and in connection with the greater energy field. The class was a sanctuary in which to explore the subtle, and not so subtle, feelings and sensations of living while practicing Qigong." - Q.Q.
Field School: An Introduction to Qifields
45.00 65.00
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Attuning to Subtle Realms: Practicing Xia Yuan

Mondays, February 27 - March 27, 7:30-8:45pm

Berkeley Yoga Center, 1250 Addison St (at Bonar), Berkeley, CA, upstairs in Studio 209

Early-Bird Discount until Friday, February 17: $65 for all five classes!


In coming to know ourselves and transforming life patterns, our awareness can become increasingly enhanced. This deep attunement allows for changes in ways we did not think possible, and in realms we did not even believe to exist.

In this five-week series, the practice of Xia Yuan, Yuan Gong’s 4th Method, will guide our process of deep healing. Designed to activate and move the pure original Qi of the organs, Xia Yuan initiates a stage of internal transformation in Yuan Gong practice that allows for profound life changes and realization. 

Through this series, you will develop:

  • A deeper connection to your own subtle energy system, the Qifield
  • Greater emotional regulation
  • Insight, peacefulness, and clarity of mind
  • Physical well-being rooted in a calm, natural and healing relationship with yourself and the world around you
  • Safe and effective tools for improving organ Qi

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our organs play a vital role in determining our level of health and well-being. By listening with care to our subtle body we develop true understanding of the patterns that govern our lives, and with the ancient techniques contained in Xia Yuan, we gain the tools, naturally, to uplift them.

This class is open to both new and ongoing students, but is particularly well-suited for those who have studied Yuan Gong or other forms of Qigong, or who have an active movement and/or mindfulness background. Care will be taken to create a nourishing container, or Qifield, for all levels, and to allow for everyone to access the benefits of this powerful method.

To inquire further about whether this class is suitable for you, please contact the instructor. See you in the Qifield!

Details: Classes take place at the Berkeley Yoga Center, 2215 Addison St at Bonar St in Berkeley, on the 2nd floor in Studio 209. Early Bird Discount until Friday, February 17: $65 for entire series; after February 17, $85 for entire series. Payment options and sliding scale available with demonstrated need. Drop-ins welcome with prior communication. Email the instructor at Gabriel.crane@gmail.com

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New Year’s Renewal for Healing the Whole Life: Ren Yuan and Qi Healing Therapy

Mondays, January 2 – February 13, 7:30-8:45pm **No Class MLK Day, 1/16**

Berkeley Yoga Center, 1250 Addison St (at Bonar), Berkeley, CA, Studio 209

Early-Bird Discount until Wednesday, December 28: $75 for six classes


Start the year in the right way, right away! Reconnect to the source of life. Return to right relationship. Channel the energy of the universe through your being, and heal your body and mind.

With Yuan Gong Qigong, Qi Therapy, and the teachings of Ren Xue, this series (six classes) will offer a rich opportunity to turn the bright energy of winter toward the inception of uplifting patterns and a transformational year.

About the method: Yuan Gong is a deeply nourishing Qigong style that uses simple and fluid movements to unlock the mind, draw Qi from the universe, and promote the healthy flow of Qi in the body. Its Third Method, Ren Yuan, is particularly active and focuses on breaking up Qi blockages and systematically transforming the body's patterns.

Students will also receive and learn several Qi Therapy techniques, as well as engage the special mind activity and Xin Fa, or teaching transmission, which accompanies these practices and brings healing and awareness to deeper levels. Keys concepts to be explored include the unification of Shen (consciousness) and Qi (energy), working with Qifields, cultivation of the 5 Xin Heart Qualities, and learning to transform patterns. Each class balances Qigong practice, internal reflection, and sharing with others.

This class is well-suited for both beginners and ongoing students. No prior experience needed. For those who have studied with Gabe before, there will be opportunities to continue going deeper in your practice.

Details: Cost: early bird discount until Wednesday, December 28, $75 for entire series; after December 28, $95 for entire series if pre-registered; $18-$20 sliding scale for drop-ins. Payment options and sliding scale available with demonstrated need. Drop-ins welcome.

For questions, please email Gabe Crane at Gabriel.crane@gmail.com, or submit your inquiry here.

75.00 95.00

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(For a list of past classes, click here.)



An Introduction to Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong is a qigong style aimed at whole-life development. This modern form comes from the lineage of living Chinese wisdom-teacher Yuan Tze and the system he has created, Ren Xue. 

Yuan Gong uses simple and fluid movements and traditional qigong postures to unlock the mind, draw Qi from the universe, and promote the healthy flow of Qi in the body. As a form of movement, Yuan Gong is physically engaging but also a slower, more fluid, and more meditative practice. It is particularly effective at accessing the subtle energetic body and illuminating the connections of the body and the mind, and operates from a unique understanding of Qi as a primordial force that can be cultivated through practice. Working with Yuan Gong has been shown to create positive changes at the physical, energetic, and consciousness levels.

For more information on Yuan Gong, Ren Xue, and their creator Yuan Tze, please visit their international website



I am certified as a Yuan Gong Teacher and Yuan Ming Medicine Therapist by Yuan Tze Centre, in Wellington, New Zealand. This certification is carried out under the authority of Yuan Tze and in accordance with Yuan Tze Centre's ongoing six-year Teachers Training Programme. I am fully trained up to the highest certification currently available, as a Level Three Yuan Gong Teacher and Elementary Level Yuan Ming Medicine Therapist.

I combine my qigong work with my background in soul work and rites of passage, making my classes particularly curated toward those seeking greater embodiment of their soulwork and heart's wisdom.

Since first becoming certified in 2013, I have offered Yuan Gong courses and tutoring privately, as well as integrated its exercises and principles into my work as a writing teacher and rites of passage facilitator. 

In addition, I have taught in the following settings:

December 2013, Blue Lotus Temple, Berkeley, CA
Winter 2014, Paititi Institute, Iquitos, Peru
Spring 2014, Passover in the Desert, Wilderness Torah
Summer 2014, Embodying True Nature Retreat, Menla Retreat Center, Phoenicia, NY
Summer 2014, Embodying True Nature Retreat, Orlando, FL
Fall 2014, Paititi Institute, Cusco, Peru
Winter 2015, private residence, Lima, Peru
Spring 2015, private residence, Oakland, CA
Spring 2015, Yuan Tze Retreat, Wonder Valley Ranch, F
Fall 2015, Rainbow Heart Studio, Berkeley, CA
Spring 2016, Huckleberry House Youth Services, San Rafael, CA
Spring 2016, Moishe House East Bay, Oakland, CA
Spring 2016, Church of Unitarian Universalists, Berkeley, CA
Summer 2016, Heart Hive Studio, Berkeley, CA


I also offer mentoring and counseling work that is based in principles of Qi therapy, Western psychology, and soul-based work, or rites of passage. Often, my clients are students and vice-versa. If you are ready to resource yourself with true, one-on-one support, take the next step and schedule a free 20-minute consultation today.