Changing the Patterns of Life

Here is a video of my recent teaching at the Ren Xue Healing Retreat in Wonder Valley, CA. Along with Roya Arasteh, I was given an opportunity to teach Ling Yuan, the 8th method of Yuan Gong and a powerful technique for understanding and transforming the patterns that underlie and govern our lives. 

This class came at a particular and significant time for me - with springtime blooming, I felt a strong pull toward uplifting myself from some of the challenging feelings and patterns I had been sitting with during the winter. It took quite a bit of me actually to show up to the retreat and teach, as I went through a strong period beforehand of feeling very scared and down about my life. However, through reaching out honestly for support from Roya and others, and trusting in my own authenticity and healing process, I was able to make it down to the retreat and offer something that I believe has a depth and lasting value to it. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful.