Is conflict fracturing your organization, board, team, or community?

Are you scared to face a volatile situation head-on?

Let me help.

Conflict is natural, yet it is also what most threatens to destroy relationships and often terrifies us into avoidance and repression.

I am an independent facilitator and consultant to companies, organizations, and individual parties, specializing in conflict coaching and dispute resolution. My organizational clients have included city governments, tech companies, non-profit advisory boards, school districts, and co-housing communities. Do you need support averting crisis and turning conflict to creative opportunity? Consider what my clients say about me:

“Gabe facilitated a conflict resolution circle for a group of colleagues - we work together and needed to address some issues that had arisen in our group. He was warm, professional, and present, and provided both structure and flexibility as needed. He was also able to reflect back what he heard as a neutral mediator, which I found very helpful. After our session, Gabe sent a thoughtful follow-up with some suggestions of things we could consider going forward to continue the work we started. I'm grateful for Gabe's presence, groundedness, and commitment to supporting us through our process, and I would recommend his work to other groups seeking this kind of support.”

I recommend Gabe in a heartbeat to any group in any setting looking to uplevel their communication and relating.”

“Gabe has a good understanding of power and group dynamics and is able to handle the complexities of a range of identities and needs. I am also confident that he can skillfully support people with strong feelings and intense interactions. Gabe is highly competent in conflict resolution and has many techniques to help people understand each other. I find Gabe to be creative and effective in his meeting designs and he is able to deliver both concrete outcomes as well as a rich experience for the participants. I highly recommend him as a practitioner.”

In facing conflict, our goal is the resilience that Ann Masten, professor at the University of Minnesota, defines as “The capacity of a dynamic system to adapt successfully to disturbances that threaten the viability, the function, or the development of that system” (Masten, 2014). As psychologist Arnold Mindell states, conflict also holds the key to our future. My work accesses that vital resiliency by combining building-block skills in communication, presence, and relationship-building with acute understandings of power, group dynamics, and intersectional identity.

I specialize in dealing with: Power Dynamics, Intersectional Identity Issues, Sensitive Interpersonal Relationships, Time-Sensitive and Volatile Issues, Restorative Justice, Inner Resourcing, Compassionate Relating, Standing Your Own Ground, Taking Your Own Side, Learning to Listen to Others and Take Them As They Are

I use tools of Process Work, community mediation, Restorative Justice, facilitation, and mindfulness-based awareness techniques to help diffuse volatile situations and glean the important insights that conflict often offers to us.