Here you will find uniquely effective tools for helping you get to the roots of your challenges and uncover a sustainable pathway for change, self-acceptance, and growth.


What I do

As an independent counselor and coach, I help my clients to work through a range of challenges they face. My private practice, based in Oakland, CA, has focuses in the following: 

  • relationships

  • identity issues and diverse forms of "coming out"

  • discovering genuine purpose and authenticity

  • energy imbalances and chronic fatigue

  • feeling "stuck" and life transitions

  • depression and anxiety

  • isolation, alienation, disconnection and shame

  • trauma and addictive cycles

  • spiritual emergencies

Clients who work with me report feeling:

  • physically healthier

  • access to subtle energy and different energetic states

  • more in touch with their intuition and inner feelings

  • a deeper sense of purpose and connection

  • resolution of physical and psychological pain

  • more clarity about what is most important to them

  • a greater sense of self-respect, compassion, and self-love

  • increased capacity to make important changes in their lives

Helping others is my genuine passion and gives me so much warmth and gratitude for the work that I do. I look forward to working with you.

My Background

Since 2005, I have accumulated over a decade of experience in teaching and facilitating deep transformation. I hold a master's degree in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and have received training in diverse healing methodologies, including Hakomi and ProcessWork. I am a Ren Xue practitioner and therapist, having taught Qigong classes for a number of years and provided energy healing services to many. Finally, my diverse, hands-on experiences with spiritual and shamanic traditions from around the world gives me an authentic and rooted place of personal experience from which I offer my services. 

I work from a genuine and open place that recognizes my own growth process alongside your own. I never see myself as above or better than you, even as I am clear in the tools and gifts I have to share. I bring my real experience into the room, and see this work as people helping people.