Is your meeting or retreat too high stakes to go awry?

Effective communication is the key factor in creating successful outcomes in groups.

All too often, existing tensions, power dynamics, and interpersonal relationships can send a straight-forward meeting off course. This is especially true when as leaders we are personally impacted by the stakes and circumstances and cannot remain neutral. Bringing in an outsider with proven group management and facilitation expertise can help ensure the important things get accomplished.

My facilitation skills leave people feeling included and heard, check to-do items off the list, and help create a sense of purpose and cohesion. I can move you through the big moments and concerns, all while turning the power and focus back to you to carry the work forward upon conclusion.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you or your colleague has the impartiality and skills to navigate a tricky situation, only to make things worse. Having a neutral outsider allows for trust and confidence to build in a balanced and equitable process.

Gabe was brought in to facilitate a retreat for our co-housing association. We are facing many difficult issues, particularly around transitions (aging, the changing affordability of the housing, founders’ vs newer members’ expectations, etc). We wanted to open conversations on difficult issues, but also learn best practices and approaches to dealing with difficult conversations. I was highly impressed with Gabe’s presence and capabilities. He clearly embodies the principles that he demonstrated and applied in our retreat. He left us with tools for managing future conversations as well as with concrete action items for us to pursue on our own. He acted with kindness, understanding, and sincerity. I would not hesitate to recommend Gabe in the role of facilitation, and I would be very happy to work with him again in the future.
— Craig, Oakland, CA