Over the course of the past few years, I have worked with city governments, tech companies, executives, non-profit advisory boards, arts organizations, co-housing communities, co-workers, couples, and individuals, applying the principles of psychological awareness and well-being both with individuals and to the complex nature of groups and dynamic processes.

Here’s what some of my clients have had to say.

Gabe is a fantastic coach that helped me live a calmer, more reflective, more effective life in the workplace and beyond.

We initially met when he facilitated a complex company discussion and continued working together when I saw how skilled he was at both helping work through difficult decisions and in helping me explore who I am as a leader. He has a warm intellectual approach that combines eastern philosophies with western pragmatism, an easy laugh, and a myriad of empathetic helpful strategies that can target short term improvement as well as long term changes.

Gabe has a serene presence that helps him diffuse the emotion of a situation and enables him to provide non-judgmental guidance. He gave me the courage to look at myself and my actions in ways that helped me grow as a person. By raising my level of self-awareness for the energies I let dominate my life I was able to be a better husband, a better father, and a better leader for my company during the time we worked together.
— Tyler, San Francisco, CA 4.2.19
From our preparatory conversations prior to the training, to the training itself, to the follow-up notes he sent afterward, Gabe demonstrated a high level of skill, compassion, deep nuanced understanding of group dynamics and all of the subtle roles that play out in a group setting, intersectionality, as well as capacity to shift the conversation to one that is more productive and positive even when there seem to be intractable differences.

Everyone in our group agreed that we had gotten a lot out of the training, and we left knowing each other better, with more tools for communicating through conflict and clear next steps to continue to productively and proactively address our long-standing issues. He made us feel hopeful that we could work through some of the more challenging complexities of semi-communal living and come out stronger on the other side for it.

I recommend Gabe in a heartbeat to any group in any setting looking to uplevel their communication and relating.
— Sarah, Emeryville, CA 2.8.19
Working with Gabe...has very much helped me to continue my journey of deepening into and accepting myself. Gabe is effective at challenging me in a gentle, caring way - and I find myself reflecting on my learnings well after our sessions.
— Brooke, San Francisco, CA 10.7.18
Gabe has been one of my go-to facilitators to handle a wide range of meeting requests. I trust Gabe to be organized, empathetic, sensitive to the needs of individuals as well as the group. Gabe has a good understanding of power and group dynamics and is able to handle the complexities of a range of identities and needs. I am also confident that he can skillfully support people with strong feelings and intense interactions. Gabe is highly competent in conflict resolution and has many techniques to help people understand each other. I find Gabe to be creative and effective in his meeting designs and he is able to deliver both concrete outcomes as well as a rich experience for the participants. I highly recommend him as a practitoner.
— Barbara Lipson, SEEDS Community Resolution Center, Berkeley, CA 12.13.18
Gabe was brought in to facilitate a retreat for our co-housing association. We wanted to open conversations on difficult issues, but also learn best practices and approaches to dealing with difficult conversations. I was highly impressed with Gabe’s presence and capabilities. He clearly embodies the principles that he demonstrated and applied in our retreat. He left us with tools for managing future conversations as well as with concrete action items for us to pursue on our own. He acted with kindness, understanding, and sincerity. I would not hesitate to recommend Gabe in the role of facilitation, and I would be very happy to work with him again in the future.
— Craig, Oakland, CA 11.8.2018
After only a few sessions utilizing talk therapy, guided meditation and somatic exercises and other energy work, I have made great progress in accepting myself and am learning new, effective ways to work through the difficult times when I feel like my body is out of control. I feel very safe and supported working with Gabe one-on-one and am eternally grateful for having crossed paths with him at this point in my healing journey.
— Danielle, San Francisco, CA 11.26.18
Gabe facilitated a conflict resolution circle for a group of colleagues - we work together and needed to address some issues that had arisen in our group. He was warm, professional, and present, and provided both structure and flexibility as needed. He was also able to reflect back what he heard as a neutral mediator, which I found very helpful. After our session, Gabe sent a thoughtful follow-up with some suggestions of things we could consider going forward to continue the work we started. I’m grateful for Gabe’s presence, groundedness, and commitment to supporting us through our process, and I would recommend his work to other groups seeking this kind of support.
— Marta, San Francisco, CA 6.11.18
I was referred to Gabe by a friend to work on some self-reflection during a time of transition in my life. Right away his presence was very affecting for me. He held the space for my personal growth with a curiosity that helped me move into deeper layers of myself than I normally have access to. His approach felt active, non-judgmental, and authentic. While always professional, he infused our work with a lightness that helped me navigate some tough territory and make some important observations about myself and my patterns. He’s very knowledgeable about many different modalities and philosophies and he draws from this toolbox in a flexible manner depending on his client’s needs and readiness. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Gabe and hope others will find their way to him, as well.
— Caitlin, Oakland, CA 3.15.19
It was a pleasure working with Gabriel. His professionalism, experience, and empathy were very helpful. Would highly recommend!
— Marko, San Francisco, CA 12.12.18
My experiences in working with Gabe have shown me that he has great wisdom as well as abundant empathy. I do think he is gifted in his ability to support a journey of inquiry and a goal of greater health.
— Margaret, Oakland, CA 7.20.18
Gabe with Woven Wings mediated a conversation between myself and another with whom I had gotten into a challenging emotional and legal situation. Gabe was very professional and sensitive to both sides. Through his mediation I was able to feel heard and understood. He also helped me understand the other person’s perspective. Gabe helped us to find common ground and reach an agreement. I feel he spared us from what could have become a much more trying situation. I strongly recommend his services.
— Dana, Berkeley, CA 6.6.18
I have grown in so many ways through working with Gabe, and have come to several important realizations as he’s challenged me to look deeper and step into a more conscious awareness of the energies and messages I’m putting out in my life and relationships. And he has a great sense of humor to boot!
— Samantha, Berkeley, CA 5.26.18